Apparels with a peaceful message.

           A reminder to practice mindfulness.

       A message that could help others to wake up.

   A step toward a more compassionate world.

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I Have Arrived, I Am Home (Man)

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"Our true home is the present moment, whatever is happening right here and right now. Our true home is the place without discrimination, the place without hatred. Our true home is the place where we no longer seek, no longer wish, no longer regret. Our true home is not the past; it is not the object of our regrets, our yearning, our longing, or remorse. Our true home is not the future; it's not the object of our worries, hopes, or fears. Our true home lies right in the present moment. If we can practice according to the teaching of the Buddha and return to right here and right now, then the energy of mindfulness will help us to establish our true home in the present moment.” - Thich Nhat Hanh

Products specifications
Neck Type crew-neck
Color Earth
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