Apparels with a peaceful message.

           A reminder to practice mindfulness.

       A message that could help others to wake up.

   A step toward a more compassionate world.

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Mission and Vision

Blooming Lotus Designs realizes that peace in the world begins with peace in ourselves.   We see that one-by-one we can help others heal ourselves and in doing so we can transform the world.   Sharing the clear, direct teachings of Thich Nhat Hanh helps provide the guidance that can help people heal.   A simple t-shirt or article of clothing can help with the person-to-person connection that can open a Dharma door to the practice. 

We are approaching the production and distribution of Blooming Lotus Designs apparel as a practice of the eight-fold path – laid out by the Buddha more than 2600 years ago.   How we produce the apparel – taking good care of the people, plants, and minerals involved – is as important as providing the quality and comfort that will assure that many find joy in wearing the clothing.

All proceeds from the sale of Blooming Lotus Designs clothing and products are donated to the Thich Nhat Hanh Foundation ( – a non-profit foundation dedicated to supporting the practice centers of the Plum Village Tradition and to support other charities for the well being of humanity.  We are committed to keeping expenses low and using volunteer support wherever possible.   Costs are kept low by aggregating demand across all practice centers and Sanghas in order to achieve economies of scale and better management of inventory.  Our volunteer service also relieves the monastics from commercial dealings so that they can concentrate on spreading Thay’s loving kindness teachings.

If conditions are sufficient – we hope that the work of Blooming Lotus Designs will help provide a sustainable and stable revenue stream to support the continuation of Thay’s teachings for current and future generations to enjoy.